5 Office Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on May 24, 2018

Thanks to a strengthening economy and increased competition for skilled labor, many businesses are looking for ways to improve their offices for greater comfort, profitability, and efficiency. Whether you’re a broker hoping to spruce up your company’s space or a commercial pro in the office sector, there are several trends you don’t want to miss next time you rethink an area dedicated to workers. Cicero’s Development Corp, a general contractor specializing in commercial renovation projects out of Plainfield, Ill., offers the following mistakes to avoid.

Staying beige. Traditional office palettes are being replaced with bold pops of color. This isn’t just an attempt to lure in the creative class, though. Colors can be used in an efficient way to code different sections, departments, or workspaces. Cicero’s Development Corp. calls out “jewel tones and energetic patterns” as popular ways to make a statement in an office remodel, while also cautioning business owners to choose colors that tend to inspire creativity and productivity

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