Spring into your Office with these Refreshing Tips!

Posted on April 23, 2014

It’s officially spring and after the extremely harsh winter we endured, it is certainly a welcome change. With the new season upon us, Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions is busy sprucing things up for tenants.

Have you ever thought about applying the concept of spring cleaning to your business? These simple tips are designed to improve functionality and create a happier work environment.

1. Clean up your files! Go through your digital and paper files and get rid of unnecessary documents. Delete old emails, and sort others into appropriate folders. Perform computer and software upgrades.


2. Dust off your business plan! Review business strategies and practices. Reevaluate marketing materials to make sure they are still relevant and meet company objectives.


3. Tidy up your workspace! Purge old office equipment to reduce clutter and stress. Disinfect work surfaces, including your desk, telephone and computer keyboard.


4. Freshen up your website! Check your homepage and all links to make sure information is up-to-date. Make sure it is easy to navigate. Optimize search engine content to increase traffic.

“A little spring maintenance is all it takes to get your business in order.”-Karin Meier, Director of Commercial Property Management